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  1. ennostiel Mar 24, 2009

    Ok if you can read french, I updated one of my asuca's fic. it's a UA ;-)


    merged: 04-05-2009 ~ 08:54pm
    i made a little AMV on Cagalli with many fanart I found on the net
    song: Precious Rose


    merged: 02-20-2010 ~ 08:57pm
    how are you?
    It's a long time ^^ Someone remeber me? lol

  2. Sagashitemonotachi Mar 24, 2009

    i miss u all

  3. ennostiel Mar 06, 2009

    it's a long time. i came back on MT ;-)
    sorry for my long absence, but bussy with my work :s
    kiss you

  4. luchia12345677890 Aug 10, 2008

    hey anybody knows how to make a club?

  5. shurei-KO7890 Feb 08, 2008

    wow.... iam so glad i join this group... thanks that many people likes gsd

  6. ennostiel Feb 02, 2008

    hi Reikuclyne ^^ how are you?

    merged: 02-03-2008 ~ 11:43pm
    well second chapter of my true love (kiraxcagalli fic) is online:

    (author : me ;))

  7. Reikuclyne Feb 02, 2008

    Hello there everyone! Long time no been here..sori for that.
    Been busy with school. I can see that group has been quiet lately. Bet you guys are busy too...
    Ja-ne! See ya!

  8. ennostiel Nov 10, 2007

    weel: re posted fic when you love someone it

  9. pinkchan22 Oct 08, 2007

    hi awsome group itz my first one so yea! cagalli and lacus rock!

  10. ennostiel Sep 28, 2007

    i propose you my new montage ^^ I can't post them it *cry* well, I made the waterwork and just the montage....

    merged: 09-29-2007 ~ 11:33pm
    ok i upload this in scan on my user page: yuri club 3 by ennostiel

  11. Reikuclyne Sep 02, 2007

    hello everyone! how has it been? hope that it's ok...;)
    sorry for not dropping by lately...

  12. ennostiel Jul 26, 2007

    cute picture athrein

    by the way last amv on kira/lacus:

    merged: 08-01-2007 ~ 07:05pm
    Hie ^^ well I know nobody will read it ... but this my version on 39 phase on Destiny ^^ Well my english is bad I know it. I can give you the bd ;) and It's for adult with a sex scene ^^

    merged: 08-08-2007 ~ 05:42pm
    new asuca amv:

  13. athrein Jul 13, 2007

  14. DoNotPause Jun 21, 2007

    w00t can I join as well?
    Lacus is god XD

  15. jojanettelacus1 Jun 18, 2007

    I Love Lacus so much that's why I will join this group :)

  16. azsalli143 Jun 11, 2007

    hi there...say ..can i join in this group...coz...i like cagalli.and lacus

    merged: 06-11-2007 ~ 10:02pm
    hi there...say ..can i join in this group...coz...i like cagalli.and lacus

  17. rubenz Apr 24, 2007

    Hello guys how r u:D Its been a while since my last visit :D Welcome Ladestiny92 :D

  18. ladestiny92 Mar 04, 2007

    I'm a new member here...^,^

  19. ennostiel Feb 04, 2007

    hello ^^

    can I join this group? I ask becasue for now I'm a restricted member *cry*

    well it's you love cagalli and Lacus, i've a forum on them but in french:

    and an english site on cagalli:


    and thanks to answer me ;) same I suppose the answer is "no" *laugh*

    great week

  20. rizacaga Dec 05, 2006

    can i join with this group.
    im huge fan of cagalli and like lacus too.

  21. Lacuslover81 Nov 03, 2006

    I would like to join I love lacus so much.

  22. laurent Oct 27, 2006

    Welcome to our two newest members, apra and Arekisu. Thanx a lot for joining us. I hope you'll have lots of fun and enjoy the group. Sorry it took some time before you were added, but I've been 'out of order' ( physically ) for a while ^^'

    Your moddy moderator, Kira

  23. PinkPrincessLacus Oct 26, 2006

    Hello Everyone How is everybody doing :D ?

    ~* Lacus *~

  24. Joancagalli Oct 21, 2006

    hi every1 would like to say happy deepavali to every indian members here:)

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